Mummy I need your help

Dear Concerned Parents and Teachers,

Good morning, here is a letter from a young girl, she is 8 years old in Primary 5.

Here is what she wrote:

Dear Mummy,

I am sorry to write this letter, but I tried to talk to you yesterday, you shouted at me that you are busy.

I am not happy in school, the work is hard. I do not understand the Maths and Basic Science at all. My teacher is always telling me that I am too dull.

I cannot play with others because I write my notes very slow and the teacher says I must finish first.

Mummy, please help me.

I love you.

Your daughter


I am concerned, Lola needs help. But another thing that bothers me is the thought that there may be many more children out there who feel the same or even worse, yet cannot find a voice to let anyone know their pain and hurt!

Our children are crying for help in many ways, but are we listening?

Lola needs help, but mum is too busy and the teacher is actually denying her the right to play and rest, burdening her with note writing day-in, day-out! Also calling her ‘dull’! Last time I checked that is actually abuse: verbal abuse!

What is a 8 year old doing in Primary 5?

We keep returning to this issue time and time again. Not all of them can cope with the pressure. Please pay attention and don’t let keeping up with the Jones’ create a problem for your child’s future.

Our children have rights, they should be allowed to be and belong so they can become the very best they can be.

Parents lets help our children be happy and joyful so they can love to learn to become the very best in the years ahead.

distressed child writing

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