The Issues and changing the Narrative

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A lot of issues that face our world have stood out recently:- Fatal stabbings in London, Violence in a synagogue that leads to hundreds of Jews training to use the gun, constant cheating at examinations in Nigeria, and the horrible baby factory business that was uncovered in same.

The problems are immense and we could go on and on about them, because you and I know that I have not even scratched the surface yet! But my question is simply this and it is 2 fold:-

  1. Why?
  2. How?

Why are we leaning so heavily towards this huge negative of the human nature?

How can we change this narrative?

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The why in my opinion, has a lot to do with our perception of self, community, and our of responsibility to humanity. The world is changing, it is a global village and a lot of us worldwide are having problems grasping this: the Brexit issues in Europe, the American political debacle (making America Great Again) picking just a few of the situations that we face today. While America sees only their big self and not the world, in Nigeria it seems that seeing beyond our noses and the opportunities before us is impossible.

The world calls to us, the global village is being born and reshaped constantly, yet the divisions and divisive selfish heart of man still thinks of only self!

Like it or not this will affect us one way or the other.

It is time to wake up and smell the coffee. I am not a politician but I know that the world is closing in and this village will be whether we like it or not.

In Nigeria, we are losing the plot by continuing to think only of self interest, less of building the nation and seeing our important role in the global economy! I am talking of the powers that be right now!

Here is the thing, we must, the rest of the populace I mean, we must and have to take the bull by the horn, face the music and push to change the narrative.

What we do going forward will decide whether or not we unite and conquer or give up even before we start.

Unity will be decided by how we educate our children going forward.

This is how we are going to change the narrative.

We must give our children an understanding of self and the world at large. This is a global village, but ignoring ourselves and copying the world will not work. We must build the Nigerian and African content. History and Geography must truly play an important part in our education system. It is not enough to add it on for a year or so as an elective! This is the core to building up a sense of self.

Add on to this is Character Building and Leadership skills. There is work to be done to make this difference and stir us away from the disaster and implosion that is about to take us on.

Even the education of the child to respect the environment: reduce, reuse, recycle has got to happen and quickly.

It is a job that must be done.

Once this is achieved and the world is in the mix we would have helped to groom the next generation to choose right from wrong, a world view that stems from the African narrative.

We can do this, the issues may currently by enormous but we can help change the narrative. Lets get to it.


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