Concerned Parents and Educators Forum 2018


Concerned Parents and Educators Forum is one of the most vibrant Facebook groups that I know of. It has been an inspiration to me over the years and I cannot think of a better way to discuss our education sector than to look at the leaps and bounds that this Facebook pressure group has made in the year 2018.

A brief history, CPE as it is fondly referred to, was created by Mrs Yinka Ogunde, a passionate advocate for change in the Education sector. She has come up with several education related events and movements that have helped to grow and rebuild the education sector. CPE is one of them, where both Parents and Educators get to voice their concerns and discuss issues that concern both sections deeply.

CPE now has over 92,000 members and there are a few thousand of those who do not live in Nigeria, nor are Nigerians, but gain value from CPE

Here are a few of the things that happened in 2018 that made the group uniquely different and effective:

  1. Call for Education Reform
  2. Free Mastermind sessions by Mrs. Ogunde for educators
  3. The Educators Mentoring Forum both Free and Paid – Great value all round.
  4. Support for both Parents and Educators
  5. CPE’s presence at TOSSE 2018
  6. The Gathering 2018 where the members met in the flesh to discuss and celebrate.
  7. The Teachers Appreciation Party

and the list goes on.

This is a powerful movement of parents and educators. If you are yet to join up please do so, as lots of in-ways can be made by everyone keying into the Concerned Parents and Educators Forum. We look forward to more growth of all the initiatives already started and new activities and events that would move the Educator Sector forward.

Thank you CPE, thank you Mrs Ogunde, thank you Administrators more grease, more success.

To Join the group go to:


3 thoughts on “Concerned Parents and Educators Forum 2018

  1. I have truly and greatly been blessed by CPE. God bless Mrs Ogunde and her team. Sometimes I can’t even catch up with the posts as there are so much awesome topics that pop up. It’s just been amazing for me.


  2. I am most delighted to read from you on CPE Network . It has indeed been a “run to” platform where issues arising on parenting and the Education Sector has been the call of the day…
    It has been an impartful group overtime and I am more than grateful to God for the convener- Mrs. Yinka, Ogunde,a Certified John Maxwell Speaker and Coach and of course an advocate for change in the Education Sector. And to all concerned Educators like You( Mrs. Ayopeju Faleko,for believing in the Mandate to drive change towards the Eduction Sector through CPE Network.
    God bless you Ma, for sharing this to the world to see..


  3. CPE has been a huge resource ground for identifying real issues in the Nigerian Education industry, and seeking or even crafting solutions as a consultant, to solve some of those problems hands on.
    If you’re a Researcher in the industry and you’re not on CPE, and haven’t afforded yourself the privilege to begin to gather data and statistics from leads you’re bound to find on CPE, you’re giving yourself a uphill task indeed.
    Better for you, would be to join the group ASAP, and begin accessing robust information like no other platform at all yet, in the industry.
    Best of all, join the conversation…


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