The Preparation of the Adult

The Preparation of the Teacher (11)

When it comes to giving the children the best, we must prepare to do so with all seriousness. The children are the future, they are tomorrows leaders; the next generation we hope will do much better than we have done.

When I was a child I had great hopes for the future but there were a couple of factors I noticed that would make things difficult. To be honest with you we have grown and evolved in many positive ways.


In 2019 though we want to look at the ways that we haven’t shown up and deal with those. We must decide to look at the man in the mirror and start with ourselves, myself:

‘What do I need to change?’

If I change then I can help my children, then the school and the teachers and the pupils and then my extended community.

At the end of 2018 we looked at the Preparation of the Teacher and followed up with another post Preparation of the Teacher 2. These led to the start of a WhatsApp group The Preparation of the Adult.

The Preparation of the Adult is a pilot group where parents and teachers have come together to talk through their personal issues with respect to discipline and behavioural issues that affect us our children, our families, our classrooms and schools.

Adults in the end, have to be aware of self, to help the young grow in a healthy and non-suffocating environment. The goal is to work through ourselves so that we can give the children what they need to thrive. We aim to change one person at a time.

The group filled up quite quickly and is now closed until further notice. We will update you on how we are doing. In the meantime stay close so you do not miss out on our different offers and deals for the new year.

Plan ahead and have a wonderful year.

Here is the calendar of trainingTraining Calendar 1a (1).png and courses for the first part of this year.

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