Sign the Petition and contribute

Sometimes I just laugh but other times my eyes well up.


Well, because it seems that we as a people in general, are unable to see the children who are the future leaders of our nation, for who we say they are!

If these children truly are the future, and we want them to turn out right shouldn’t we give them the benefit of doubt?

Instead we assume that since the public schools are sometimes filled with thousands of students, the only way to control them is to use the cane!

As if it was their fault that the schools are over populated!

May I ask, are these children a herd of cattle?

Why is it that discipline is synonymous with the use of the cane in our society?

I want us to stop this, but I am also saying:

1. Let’s put some efficient discipline strategies in place.

2. Let’s teach our to-be graduates and tertiary students emotional intelligence.

3. Let the Local Government Councils and Schools run Parenting Workshops at the grassroots.

4. Let the Colleges of Education teach realistic Child Development and Child Psychology in an applicable way.

5. Let there be a pathway set out to ensure that we instill discipline in our children.

Yes we do not want the cane to be used as the only or main way to maintain discipline in our schools and society.

We also do not want to create a vacuum, which then encourages bad behaviour. As we call for a ban of the cane, we are also calling for the implementation of strategic discipline methods in our schools and society.

(Please note the boy in the picture was beaten at home by his uncle.

I have used it because it is the most gruesome picture that I can find for the post.

Let’s remember that there are children who have been flogged for coming late, both in Lagos and in Ibadan who slumped down and died.

Another was slapped in school and lost her eye…. One was tied outside in the sun and ended up with swollen arms. The end result, both hands had to be amputated.)

So please it is not the picture but your contributions that are important to us.

Please post below and sign the petition if you have not done so already.


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