There are so many issues to deal with

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The Issues at Stake;

We need to make sure we go to the polls on Saturday. I usually do not like mixing politics with what is at stake right now in the education sector, but it is obvious that if we do not act now there maybe no sector to even talk about.


Go out and vote on Saturday, do not make the mistake of taking it lightly. You have rights so use them!

The other thing that is bugging me if not you is the issue of canning our children in the name of discipline. I just found out that some schools are still flogging children in private schools for coming to school without cutting their nails! These are not secondary school children! They are mostly nursery and primary school age!

Especially if they are nursery school children the responsibility should lay squarely on their parents shoulders and not on the child’s. Please consider this: You may insist on punishing the child with the rod so that the child may not be spoiled, but please remember that the child has rights to love and care and training of how to behave. Is it fair to insist on 100% compliance when we don’t live up to these high standards?

It is just a question, and I know a lot of people may not be happy with it.

Anyway if you are with me already please go to Go Petition and sign the petition to stop violence and abuse in our schools.

Please do not forget to go out and vote on Saturday.



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