The Importance of Emotional Intelligence

For an adult to be prepared, fully prepared, to succeed in our socially global settings of today’s world, it is important to have a the ability to control our emotions.

This in the fullness of all its capabilities, is referred to as Emotional Intelligence.

Sometimes it is considered a soft skill and erroneously considered inferior to academic excellence.

It is important for us to understand that a man who gets top marks in school and university but lacks the social and emotional skills to co-exists with others around him may not do as brilliantly as we expect.

Look around you and consider the credentials of those at the top of their game 10 to 15 years into their career. They are usually not the First Class Hons graduates we were celebrating 10 to 15 years earlier. At the end of the day even the Third Class graduate may end up outshining a few of our First Class graduates!


Many reasons probably, but one of them would always include a lack of people skills.

When people upset us, do we lash out and react or do we take a pause and respond appropriately?

As teachers and parents we must realise that our actions speak louder than words. Children are watching us. They learn more from what we do not necessarily from what we tell them to do.

They also take their emotional cues from how we, their models react to issues. If we cannot control ourselves, then we are fighting a losing battle if we think that our children will learn to do the same without our help.

Help meaning that we have emotional control, that is, Emotional Intelligence.

Do you get angry on social media and get into situations where you are exchanging words and name calling? If your answer is yes, please take note.

Being able to respond appropriately instead of out of control, is a strong indicator of whether we have a prepared adult ready for the duties of parenting and managing relationships.

Don’t get the wrong end of the stick, emotional intelligence is important and should not be ignored as some are currently doing. Paying too much attention to academics and ignoring the rest of what makes a successful adult life is not the right way to go.

A child who can answer all the questions of “what is this?” but does not understand the “why’s and mostly the how’s of social behaviour”, is not the leader of tomorrow.

Please let us train ourselves to be emotionally competent and ensure that we are raising children who are well-rounded.

We need to concentrate not just on academics but on building great emotional intelligence skills in the next generations.

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