Reflections on the Montessori Materials

I have been in the childcare sector for over 30 years now and a Montessori advocate and expert for the last 7 years.

Recently, I pondered and reflected on my journey into Montessori teaching and learning. I have always been thrilled with the awesomeness of the Montessori Apparatus in the early years of a child.

Early Childhood Sensory Development is pivotal to the child’s success in becoming aware of his environment (both concrete and abstract). The positive effects of the Montessori Apparatus for learning are numerous including the fact that the sensory nature of learning further enhances brain development. A child’s ability to focus on using his senses encourages concentration and reduces hyperactivity, even in cases of special educational needs. Research has proven that when a child is engrossed in a sensory activity, understanding is a successful process.

We must never really forget the fact that our young children are sensory learners.

Montessori teaching methodologies come with hands on materials that boost sensory development, from creativity to fine motor skills and metacognitive skills (problem solving skills). These materials speak to the child’s innate abilities. They are concrete, colourful materials that hold the child spell-bound, taking him to a place of spatial, environmental and self-discovery.  Children learn quantity, sounds, alphabet symbols, reading, number symbols, mathematics, colours, shapes, geometry, botany, zoology, geography, history, science and everything about life.

A child prepared using these methods will most assuredly become a creator and change agent in the future. More so, a teacher armed with these skills is prepared to create a universe of creators, inventors, collaborators, critical and analytical thinkers, trail blazers and world changers.

In a few weeks, I will be in Nigeria, Calabar to be exact. I will be leading a Montessori Apparatus training with a group of passionate educators for 10 mind-blowing days.


If you reside in Calabar, Uyo, Port Harcourt and their environs, this is certainly the opportunity you have been waiting for, to acquire this rare skill.


“It is not enough for the teacher to love a child. She must first love and understand the universe. She must prepare herself and truly work at it.”

-Maria Montessori


See details on the flier and register NOW!

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