Montessori Training for School Owners

Wondering about how to effectively reach into the mind of children?Are you on the verge of starting a new Montessori/early childhood school?Do you want to build a world class Montessori School where the Montessori ethos thrives and leads the pupils unto a strong sense of joyful learning?If this is what you are really looking for then sign up for the Professional Montessori Educators Programe.There are lots to learn and loads to learn.The Modules will include:
Maria Montessori – An Introduction
Child Development
Montessori Philosophy
The 3 Pillars of Montessori Education
The Montessori Curriculum
The Montessori Materials
Starting a school/creche
School administration
An Introduction to Special NeedsAt Addlo Montessori Training Center we aim to set you on a solid foundation that will sustain you.WhatsApp 09097343982 to find out more.Enroll here :-


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