TOSSE is Loading

I can’t believe that I have not posted on this blog for so long…

Busy times what with the Apparatus training in Calabar and the so many different trainings Ibam presently involved with.

I do apologise …

I will make up for my long silence.

So about TOSSE…

The Total School Support Seminar/Exhibition(TOSSE) will be coming up on 6th and 7th of June.

It will be another wonderful opportunity to meet and network with Educators and Education innovators both from Nigeria, Africa and beyond.

TOSSE thankfully is a source of inspiration, comfort and hope for our sector.

All Educators, School Owners, Parents and Eduprenours are invited to participate and find out why TOSSE is such a landmark event in the Education arena

To Register please click on your required link:

For the Leadership Clinic

For the Business Clinic

For all other participants please call the numbers provided for more information.


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