My Nigeria Montessori 3 part Cards

I have often wondered why we think that making our children recite and learn the names of States and Capitals of Nigeria is important.

Please don’t get me wrong, this knowledge is not wrong in itself.

It is just the fact that the knowledge is never expanded for future use, neither is it really understood.

Some children will crame and recite these 37 × 2 facts( 36 states and the FCT plus their capitals). Yet when you ask them the simplest applied question to the information they keep chanting the answers they give just shows a lack of understanding both from our curriculum and the goals of education as a whole.

What question is this?

“Which state are you from?”

Some children cannot answer this simple question. For those who can, they cannot point to it on a map of Nigeria.

If they can do that, great. Where exactly is the capital? They may not know.

To teach our children about Nigeria, let us make it concrete hands on and activity based. This is how understanding, knowledge and intelligence is born.

There is much to learn about our country the scope is very wide.

My Nigeria – The 36 States and FCT with the Capitals is a project I started working on over a year ago.

The hard copies are ready for you now as requested by a lot of our schools and parents who bought the PDF files.

These Montessori inspired 3 part cards can be used in several ways.

1. Learn the names of each state
2. Learn the position of each state within the country.
3. Learn the names of the capitals as well as their positions in each state.
4. Use the cards to play games amongst the children to help them really solidify rheir skills. eg. Arranging them in alphabetical order or from North to south etc.
5. Each child in a classroom should be able to identify their stae of origin and its capital and if older find out where their town or village is in relation to these.

Needless to say the scope is vast and you can do lots more with this….

Do you want a pack?

Contact Addlo Montessori on
WhatsApp 09097343982


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