Were you at TOSSE 2019

ere you at TOSSE 2019? We at Addlo Montessori were there. It was a wonderful experience, bit are reviewing our performance so we can do better next year.

Many lessons to be learnt.

One expensive one was not preparing our clients with the news of our latest product. There were so many setbacks, but I always knew we would pull through and we did, so why did I hesitate and fail to put the word out?

That indecision may have cost us a lot even though this was our best TOSSE yet.

Thank you to Mrs Yinka Ogunde and the Tosse Edumark team.

I also want to say thank you so much once again to our wonderful Addlo Montessori School team.

You can still get your My Nigeria – States and Capitals at TOSSE discount till 30rh June.

N4500 to anywhere in Nigeria

Ask for details from WhatsApp 09097343982


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