Coming Soon: The Story of Nigeria

I am glad that History will now be an important part of our children’s learning in school. Exciting but we must be clear of what we pass on, will it be the truth, our truth or their truths?
Not really, we must remember that there is what was told orally, then what was documented mainly by the colonial masters, as history but were simply their opinions that have now become the questionable history of Africa, and then there are the extensive writings of scholars like Samuel Johnson The History of the Yoruba, for example, which was dismissed mostly as mythical ramblings with no historical basis! 
Our history is incredible, I cannot even keep count. There was a time when I used to think there were 3 main languages in Nigeria and a few others like Benin (because of my cousin) and Tiv, now I know better!
Even then I was surprised to find the figures skyrocket again from 200+ to 500+!
Wonderful Nigeria.
There is so much to find out and document for our children. As a Montessorian I will do my part.
Watch out for ‘The Story of Nigeria’, which will be a short Cosmic Story for the Nigerian Primary aged child.
Something to spark the imagination and spur our children on, so that they can find out more about the history of this wonderful land we all call Nigeria today.

Picture credits: Google images.


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