Book Review: Discipline that Rocks

Book Review

Title: Train Up

Author: Zainab Obi (Zee)

The book Train Up is Zee’s briliant book that focuses in on discipline. She answers the question ‘What is discipline?’ in a very deep but matter of fact manner.

Train up explores the issue of implementing a ‘discipline that rocks’

In this review we will be looking at the Introduction, Chapter 1 and 2.


Here Zee sets the stage for understanding the importance of training up a child and doing it from the beginning and not latter on in life.

She makes a strong and important case for being intentional about parenting. Our world she says is full of unprepared adults and the narrative needs to change from focusing on compliance, to supporting our children, so we can help them to understand and become the best they can.

Zee calls for change from the decadence in society, the suicidal tendencies in today’s child and asks parents to embrace a parenting style that is intentional in training the child effectively.

Chapter 1:- Discipline as Training

This chapter not only debunks the idea that discipline is not punishment, but most importantly, that shouting, yelling and beating is the African way! Also that the Americans and Europeans have ill-behaved children because they don’t do it the right way.

Zainab shares from the depth of her personal experiences to help the reader see why effective discipline has nothing to do with the African way or or discipline by punishment etc.

I love her vulnerability, and I know that this will help the naysayers to stop and question their stance on whipping children into shape or ‘resetting their brains’, as some would say!

Chapter 2 :- The origin of Discipline

This is where she digs deep in helping us get the difference between the compliant and the truly disciplined child. She also points out a lot of the misunderstood Bible passages that are usually brandied around as gospel truths, to defend the harshness and sometimes worse disciplinary measures children have had to endure from their parents or carers!

Train Up is a wonderful and easy read. It is deep yet easily understood. Even the sceptic would want to continue reading to find out how this discipline method works.

This book as Zee says will give us the ingredients for a “Discipline that rocks”

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