Montessori Inspired Lessons on Nigerian Food

Lessons on Nigerian Food

3 to 4 food crops in their natural state. (For example, Rice, beans, yam and eggs)

3 part cards on Nigerian Food Crops

To bring children to the awareness of where their food comes from
To widen their knowledge about plants and living things.
To enable the child understand that there is a long process involved in making their food.

Call to the child or the small group of children you want to work with
Lay out the food crops you have available on your work station.
Say to them (or the child) “Today we are going to look at the food we eat.”
Pick up one of them and examine it, the eggs for example and ask the children (child). “Who can tell me what they is?”
If they can name it great, if not, tell them “This is an egg.”
Let them handle the egg by passing it round and ask them
“What do we do with eggs?”
Answers would include
‘We eat eggs, boil them, cook and fry them.’
All the above and more would be fine.
Move on to the next item and do the same.

When you have examined all the food (crop) samples you have, ask the children.

“Do we eat these food (crops) as they are right now?”


Then say, ” Exactly! We must cook them, by at least boiling before eating.”

Explain to the children that though there are common food items all over the world there are many countries and continents that have their own special food.

Ask them if they know which foods are common to everyone.

Return the food crops to the shelf and tell the children they will be left there for a little while so that they can continue to examine and explore the items if they want to .

Language: food crop, cook, boil, fry, and names of different food children may mention.

Points of interest: Food mostly undergoes some preparation and processes before we can eat it.

Age: 3+

Presentation 2:
A few day latter do a presentation of the Nigerian food crop 3 part cards.

This presentation is loading…

In the meantime here are a few follow-up activities:

Extension work.
They could draw and paint some food crops or the ones they have on the shelf.

The older children could write a list of common food crops or the ones common to Nigeria.


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