A Letter to all Educators

Dear School Owner, Teacher and Parent,

It is important to know that you have value, that means you have something special to bring to the table for each child in your care.

As you prepare each child for life,always remember that this is the value you are brining to the table.

You have a purpose, that is because you are here in this place and time for a reason to have and add value to the children around you. It is important to think about how you are aiding each child to reach their fullest potential.

You also have dreams, remember those? Don’t let them go. Have a plan. You want to be the best parent you can be, you want to teach and impact the lives of the young ones as a teacher. You want to build and grow an outstanding school that will help build leaders of tomorrow.

How do you plan to reach these dreams?

Be intentional.

Very intentional.

Take daily baby steps that will get you there.

Do not allow fear of the unknown stop you.

Do not allow lack of support from loved ones rule you.

Do not let lack of funds deter you.

Have a plan.

Make some goals

Plan daily to reach them

And shine like the stars.

Our children are depending on us.

Your Mama Monte


4 thoughts on “A Letter to all Educators

  1. This is encouraging.. finance could pour cold water on your heart when you have no one to loan you money to bring your dreams into reality…
    Thanks Mama Monte…


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