It’s World Book Day Again

Today is World Book Day.

Books should be a very important part of our children’s lives.

I love books and more so childrens books. They open up the world in a very wonderful way to the child.

Schools should invest in books and so should our families. And what should we say to our Local Councils, State Governments and the Fedral Government?

We need Libraries, we need books!

It is important to ensure that our children love stories, love books, all kinds of books, that they love to hear stories read aloud to them, and ulimately that they too know how to read.

In our schools and homes we should be doing something daily to intentionally bring the children closer towards these goals.

For today, have a blast with the children.

Make it fun. Even if you have not been doing much reading before, start now.

Read to them: stories and non-fiction books.

Get them to read with you or for you. Comitment and consistency is key.

Re-enact what you have read as a group. (Children really love this.) You could expand this and develop your own unique School play from one of the books!

I remember as a child my siblings and I actually did put up a few family plays in our time!

Buy a book a week or month for your school / family.

The Leaders of tomorrow should be the Readers of today.

Let us celebrate this World Book Day in a Practical and Fun way.

I am also hoping that the larger society would see the need for a few libraries in our communities.

It is very difficult to understand why Private schools must have libraries but public schools have none.

I have also seen Private schools with libraries that have no books and the shelves gathering dust.

I must mention that I have seen some state ministry libraries that nobody knows about with termite infested books and broken down tables and shelves. I do hope the aituation has been reversed.

There are too many answers to be found in books. Let us build this love of books, words reading and writing in our children as we do we will be building our nation for the better.

Happy World Book Day

5 thoughts on “It’s World Book Day Again

  1. Thank you mum,but how can one teach children to read?
    And as for an ideal Montessori school, how should the early years be structured? In the Creche,Nursery,Kg .
    How did you do it in your own school,with the Montessori curriculum?
    Waiting for your response ma’am.

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    1. Wow. Many questions to answer. To teach a child to read one must start from the very begining. Learning language, and then its sounds and then the alphabets.

      Put these all together and the child will read. You may want to get my book. Teach Your Child to Read.

      Ideal Montessori settings have multi-aged classrooms. I love this and it makes perfect sense for preparing the child for life and aiding great learning outcomes.

      At Addlo Montessori School House we have the following structure in place:

      Toddlers 18 months to 3 Years
      Nursery 3 to 6 years
      Lower Primary 6 to 9
      Upper Primary 9 to 12.

      Our Nursery school runs on a fully loaded Montessori Curriculum

      Our Primary School has been running the Nigerian Curriculum based on Montessori ethis, but we started slowly introducing the Montessori curriculum this Session.


  2. Well done Mrs. Falekulo! You’re doing a great job, I appreciate your contributions in helping to change the narrative in our Educational sector, particularly in the Early Years.
    Please how can I get a copy of your book, Teach Your Child to Read? I work with children from 0-3 years old and I also have school age children(3-10 years old) in After School Care.
    We’ve started work on getting our preschool to take off this September, to accommodate children from ages 3-6 years old.
    Thank you

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