Hello, I’m back.


I promised myself that I would get back to the blog today unfailingly. So I am glad that I am able to keep this promise to myself.

A few minutes ago I checked my last post and it was about the Language and Communication program. I just posted the last resource book this afternoon. So what kept me from blogging in the last nearly 2 months?

The Language program or the Lockdown that has taken the world by storm?

I have been so busy, it’s been insane.

The online school has now become a reality. I have been able to put some or my previous knowledge to good use but I have also been brushing up my skills.

Online school is great. I love connecting with my children. I think I am going to keep some aspects of the online school rolling on even after the lockdown is lifted.

You may wonder why I want to do this. It is because I live in a completely different continent from where Addlo Montessori School is presently. The teachers are gems. They keep Montessori alive in the school, I miss it and the children, so post Covid-19 we will still keep the zoom meetings rolling.

I am so proud of the children, as I watch them grow and develop and see the work they can now produce I continue to give unreserved praise to Maria Montessori who saw the wisdom in a method that respected the child, followed the child and understood the child.

Children are learners, but they learn in developmentally appropriate ways, they are also uniquely different so do not learn at the same rate or the same way, but we know that the senses play a big part in learning when they are very young and reasoning, imagination and logic is the way forward once they are over the 6 years mark.

I see through the lives of each child we nourish how true this is. So as I build our Montessori Nursery and Montessori Primary programs at Addlo I watch the Montessori method come to life and I am so glad that I did not shrink back when I discovered Montessori just about 10 years ago.

Embracing Montessori has given me a fulfilling purpose in life… Addlo Montessori Schools and Addlo Montessori Training Center…The materials created and lives touched make it all worthwhile so I am back and ready to deliver even more beyond the following:

Teach Your Child to Read: book and online course

Starting your successful Montessori School: Online course

The Montessori Starter Kit: A Free E-book

3 Part Card Combo set: All About Africa, Nigerian Food Crops, African Animals.

The Nigerian states and capitals – 3 part card.

The Professional Montessori Educator Program – 12 Month Online Program

The Montessori School Academy – A short introductory Online Program for schools interested in Montessori

An Introduction to Montessori Mathematics – An online step by step guide for parents and teachers on how to introduce numbers and number operations to the young mind

The Language and Communication Program – An online course on how to help the very young develop great Language and Communication skills: Pre -Reading, Pre- writing, Reading, Grammar all covered the Montessori way.

The Montessori Primary Program – Online Program that delves into Cosmic Education and the education of the Primary School Child the Montessori way.

The Montessori Teacher Program – An Eight Month Online Program for Teachers – Become a Montessori Directress

The Addlo Montessori Pink, Blue and Green Language Series… Just Out. (send an email to us via Let’s Talk and please state your interest)

If any of these are of interest to you do reach out and ask. The vision of creating the Montessori Nigeria Resources Group on Facebook was to be able to bring together people of same mind who wanted to create or needed African content in their Montessori settings.

Are you a part of MNR? If not join us here


If you are already invite your friends to join the Montessori journey with us.





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