Happy Children’s Day

27th of May, the day we celebrate our children, yet it does not feel like the normal 27th of May, does it?

In years gone by we would be out with the children having fun, dancing in the sun, jumping on bouncy castles painting faces. This is not what is going on in most places today because of the social distancing rules caused by the pandemic that has captured the heart of 2020.

Yet we must celebrate our children, they are the voices of tomorrow, the leaders of the future.

When all is said and done we build today so that our children can have a better tomorrow.

So I say to us all, let us consider what we do going forward.

  1. Let us be responsible, do not be part of the reason why COVID-19 would not leave our shores: wash your hands, keep the social distancing rules, keep the children safe.
  2. Truly if some or our actions and habits is what has brought on this attack, can we not just take a break and stop. The eco-systems of this world are in danger of being dismantled, we eat what we shouldn’t be eating, take animals out or the wild and claim to be taming them. The amount of plastic in the sea is another aspect of mans influence on this planet.
  3. Homeschooling our children should be an act of joy and love, but it sounds that frustration is taking control with some of us! Why?

A lack of patience, and a lack of understanding the simple fact that learning does not only occur when you open a book and attempt to open the child’s brain and pour out the information into it.

Learning and educating our young minds is more than memorization. So as we celebrate our children today, I want us to consider this:

2020 has given us all a chance to get to really know our children.

Count this as a blessing in disguise and love up on the opportunity. Spend quality time, create memories have fun. Learning happens all the time, educating a child is a journey. Not all of it is embeded in the text books.

Most of the the learning that counts happens in the place of play and games. Let the children learn by doing. They will have fun and thank you for it later.

Concentrate on building character, learning skills, communication, telling stories, reading stories, working on mini projects.

Get them jotters and lots of colour pencils, allow them to explore and create.

You never know where this will lead….

Have Fun…

Happy Children’s Day

Children’s Day Celebration 2011

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