An Education System That Delivers

I was going to write about Safeguarding but something really profound came up this morning I just had to share.

I don’t know about you, but just about everything in the educational system in Nigeria and a lot of the other parts of the world for that matter, is broken and needs a complete overhaul.

We need to stop kidding ourselves that the British or American system is better than everyone elses, even Japan etc, still leave a lot on the table.

As a Montessori Educator I believe that the work we do with the child in school and the classroom will ultimately prepare her for life and it’s challenges effectively.

You see whatever we do we are preparing them, but are we doing it properly, is it effective, can it deliver?

We need to work with future in mind, helping the child to develop grit and a positive attitude towards challenges, problems and failures.

What I find really difficult to understand is why we think lumbering children with homework, consistent testing and examinations is the yardstick for success, and this is an issue in most societies. This is not just a Nigerian phenomena, it has a worldwide spread.

Most people think because it is the global way of educating the child it must be right and it is the only way to grow successful individuals in society.

How wrong we are!

Some of us continue talking at the children in class, we dictate notes or worse write it out on the white board (progress) for them to copy and if the child can give you back all those notes during the exam, they are the best!

If the child has to cram and regugitate exactly what they have in their notebooks for a test or exam then I will say there is already a problem.

Questions should make the child think, if they need to think to answer the questions, then they would need to apply their knowledge. Someone who crams cannot apply knowledge beause all they have done is gathered information. We are building a society of information gatherers.

Someone who learns, who experiences things can apply what they are learning and become a solution provider, a problem solver. This implies action.

According to Gerry Robert the educational system as we know it is flawed and based on ‘information gathering. He was the one who said something profound this morning: I will paraphrase:

Education is not about listening it is about learning, most people think education is about listening!

If a child can sit and listen to a teacher all day and write notes they are considered great student.

Listening is all about information gathering, it is not about learning.

Learning is about internerlized experiences, this is where change happens. This is what propels people to become action takers.

This is exactly what the Montessori system of education sets out to do!

Now my question to you is this:

How are you as an Educator providing the learning space where internalized learning experiences are occuring for each child. Are you providing an education that will make the child a solution provider, a problem solver or a critical thinker?

There needs to be a revamping of how we teach our children:

21/2 to 6 years, hands on, sensorial learning

6 to 12 years, reasoning, thinking, research, team work and project based learning

All the above would be a good place to start.

Think about it.

To help our children grow and develop right, to prepare this next generation for the work at hand learning not listening should be the order of the day.

Let’s start providing an education system that can deliver.

Child using manipulative materials to work on understanding fractions.

3 thoughts on “An Education System That Delivers

  1. Honestly, most Montessori schools we have in Nigeria especially are not what they call themselves. They need orientation on how to best apply Montessori method in their teachings


  2. Highly insightful!
    Hope the educational system take this measure to grow a total child for a better society, because the child of today is the man of tomorrow.


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