Finding your voice in the education sector

We all agree that the Education sector, as so many other sectors in Nigeria, requires an overhauling, a transformation and a reformatting.

It’s a pity but those are the sad facts. The problem is not that we do not know what to do or what needs to change but the majority of us are leaving the changing to just a few to accomplish. We all need to do our little bit, find our voices …speak out and change our little corners.

How do you find your voice?

We do this by addressing serious issues we are passionate about.

Nothing more gets me going than adults who insist that our children a

Should be writing from 1 to 500 at under 3 years old!

Or is it the issue of the any inappropriate home work schedules Nursery and Primary schoolchildren have to complete week after week!

There is also the issue of break time: should children go out and play or stay in and write notes. You will be surprised how many children are still being denied this basic right.

What about the textbooks, or even the issue of not teaching history or Geography in our junior schools?

There are so many, too many issues.

Like teenage pregnancies… wouldn’t it e great for us to break through the rhetorics and find a way forward to reduce it’s occurrence and support the girl child?

It is well!

So which issues get you?

It is time to join in find our voices and save education now.



One thought on “Finding your voice in the education sector

  1. This is a great piece just as you often write. Thank you ma. It’s been a tough one trying to come to terms with this fact that children are forced to become adults within few years of their living. Creativity have lost its place in the education system of our dear Nation and one very short cut to being a lazy teacher is to pour assignments and thinking that’s learning. How does that challenge a child’s mind? As a music teacher I’m asked to be teaching without musical instruments? Where are we going to? I am ready to be a change maker in the educational sector of this dear Nation of ours. I am willing to lend my voice.

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