How to prepare teachers for Education Reform

Last week was a big week for our sector as CPE (The Concerned Parents and Educators – a Facebook group of over 220,000 members) held an import dialogue.

We spent a good chunk of Thursday 4th March, talking about Preparing Teachers For Education Reform.

So many great points were made, from the introduction, keynote address, the panelists and the three distinguished and I must say highly distinguishable Commissioners of Educationa and Government adviser contributions, a starting point of the journey to reform has been made.

Here are just a few of the important points made:

Teachers are very important to achieving effective nation building.

Teachers feed the minds of the children who will become tomorrow’s leaders.

Teachers should not only be teachers, but they should be great teachers.


This is because it is really the great teachers who are remembered, and it is they that truly build the human capital of a nation.

We as parents and stakeholders must not just be citizens but must become the custodians of the nation.

We must take responsibility and prepare the environment so that teachers can be their best and do their best.

The question is what am I going to do to help?

What are you going to do to help?

No excuses are acceptable from now on.

To bring about change here is the task we all must start working on:

Get involved, stay involved and get as many people as possible involved.

So much was said, great ideas from great minds.

Please consider what you can do to help, and do it.

One by one we can make a difference in our little corners.

Here is the advice Mr Fela Durotoye gave, the keynote speaker who blew us away with so much awe:

To make that little difference in our sector each one of us, needs to start where we are, with what we have.

Don’t wait until… Simply start now!

It is a very wise way to live a life of impact.

We are here to make impact.

Go impact your world.


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