The Montessori Family Project

The Montessori Project Launched last weekend Sunday 14th March 2020 with a WhatsApp session attended by many parents and educators.

As Montessori gains ground in Africa and around the world it is important that we as adult can apply the Montessori principles in such a way that it makes a massive effective differnces for tomorrow’s child.

The WhatsApp session zeroed in on Age appropriate activities for children and age appropriate expectations from adults. Parenting, teaching and curriulum development can no longer be based on the whims of the adult. It is very important that what we do with the child is based on concret scentific research:

We must now consider what is universally expected and possible for the child, sending 4 year old’s off to primary school and 8 year olds off to secondary should no longer be acceptable!

Insisting that the school curriculum be built on teaching one year ahead of the class should stop. It means we are pushing our children too hard and too fast!

Moving forward on Tuesday 16th March 2021 we also launched a daily Facebook live session between 10 to 16 mins long.

Each day we disscuss some very important Montessori titbits to help our Parents and Educators bring Montessori Home.

Here are the links to the sessions so far:

Day 1: Child Development

Day 2: The Absorbent Mind of the Child

Day 3: Why Hands-On-Activities

Day 4: The Need for Independence

More sessions coming up, you can join in the discussion Monday to Friday each week 12noon at

Profile page Ayopeju Falekulo

See you there.


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