Apparatus Training at Addlo Montessori

It has been an incredible long vacation, filled with working tirelessly to bring the Montessori Apparatus training sessions to life after the break caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. We did not hold any trainings in 2020. It has been a great feat not only to to run it in 2021 but to be able to add on to The 3-6 (Nursery) Apparatus Training another step up The 6-12 (Primary-Elementary) Apparatus Training.

There was lots to do and prepare, considering that we had just moved to our new site, Addlo Montessori School even though this was not too far away from our old site, it was hard work… Geting the Primary school Montessori materials in place was another pressure point, availability of materials in Nigeria was low, getting what was important for the school and the training session was really quite tasking and honestly quite dramatic and frustrating!

The good thing was that everything finally came together and we were able to explore the Great Lessons, Cosmic Education, the rich Montessori Mathematics Materials that take the child through from concrete understanding into abstractions, to the simple but engaging Language laboratory of the Montessori Elementary classroom.

It was a wonderful time…

The story of Nigeria

To find out more about what we did at the 2021 Montessori Apparatus training checkout my entries on Facebook and or Instagram @ayopejufalekulo


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