Maria Montessori Said 1

Maria Montessori said:

“The duty of the teacher is only to present new things when she knows that a child has exhausted all the possiblilities of those he was using before.”

It is important for us to realize that our children need the time to assimilate information even when it is presented to them in a child appropriate manner.

Do not assume that once they have experienced something, they have gotten it and therefore we can move on to the next thing. We are leaving so much on the table!

As educators and parents it is important that we give our children the space to learn and internalize their learning. Rushing will spoil and may end up unraveling all the good work we may think we are doing.

You may need to guide the child through open questions and discussions to move them forward, but don’t just keep ticking boxes once they have been introduced to concepts.

This is why some of us use the Introduced, Working on it and Mastered system…

Before you move on to the next item in the school dairy or your personal agenda ask yourself:

“Has the child exhausted all the possiblities on this subject?”

Happy teaching, mentoring and parenting to us all.

Your Mama Monte


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