Dr Maria Montessori’s Decalogue 1

Some people read Dr Maria Montessori Decalogue’s and say, ‘This is too easy!’ But is it really?

Each rule says a lot about the heart of what Montessori education is and what it isn’t.

A lot of us concentrate on the materials, as administrators providing the didactic materials is a priority, as teachers presenting the materials and lessons is what we worry about!

At the end of the day are we not missing the point?

Child, Teacher and Environment are the pillars that hold this method together, with the child at the center interacting with the other two to help construct himself and reach his potential.

It is therefore important to go back to the basics as Montessori practitioners, and dig in, to find the heart behind why and how we do Montessori.

Is it simply enough to bear the name Montessori on our signboards?

Do we have the right to discard Montessori schools that follow the heart of Montessori but are presently unable to find ways to afford all the expensive materials?

Must we continue to use the lame excuse of culture (I am talking specifically to all of us who still use the cane as a means of correction and direction), to justify the abuse of the child!

Look at what Dr Maria Montessori says in the first two rules of the decalogue.

What do you think? What stands out to you? How can this help to change your practice of Montessori?


4 thoughts on “Dr Maria Montessori’s Decalogue 1

  1. Decalogue 1 is no easily practice in some schools. But can only be applicable in a proper Montessori environment. What of children that love pampering ? How do we go about ma?

    Decalogue 2: l think a lot of teachers need a lot of orientation and re – orientation on this one.
    Thank you ma.


    1. Children may concentrate on being pampered because that is all they know. Once you are able to get them engaged in exploring, discovering and learning from their environment you may find that their interest in being pampered diminishes rapidly.

      As for the needs of teachers I think we need to revisit the Prepared Adult yet again… Will think on this.


  2. This issue about the cane keeps coming up and it’s sad. I saw a video of a teacher slapping and pinching a child yesterday and I felt traumatised. I can only imagine how the child felt 😪.

    Education starts from the heart. You cannot teach until you learn to teach yourself… and teach yourself the right way to teach and learn.

    I am still scarred by some things some teachers told me. It has made me develop zero tolerance for any form of abuse in my school. Hence, our discipline policy takes into account other cultural forms of abuse apart from beating like shaming and name calling. It’s an offence that could get one dismissed without notice. It’s so unfair to the child and even to the perpetrator. May God help us have a heart for our children as we strive to be better learners too, Amen.

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    1. I am so glad that you have taken this on board not just because it is a requirement but because you can testify that the physical, verbal and emotional abuse some think is normal is harmful to any child.

      We really have to make a difference in our education system.


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