The Science project: Children’s books

The Science Project: Science in the Montessori classroom.

We all know that science is an important aspect of life. No matter what your leanings are, art, commercial, or science; we all deal with science everyday.

We owe it to our children to lay the right foundations. Science in its simplicity and core features needs to return to the classroom.

Science in the Montessori classroom is an initiative of The Addlo Montessori Science Project,

We aim to bring Science to the front seat of children’s lives, education and interest.

The first phase of this project is about to launch! Let me use this opportunity to introduce you to my upcoming books.

They are

Book 1 What is Science?


Book 2 All About the Scientific Process

Reasearch has shown that children who have a good understanding of science, who are able to explore and understand their world, and can follow the scientific process, are able to work successfully in any field of endeavor they may choose.

These book are the first in a series of non-fiction texts for children. They are to help support the different interest children may have about plants and animals, the laws or nature and how things work.

Age: 6 years +
Price: N1000
Preorder price:N850

Please call or send a message to 09022797855 or +447871881364 to order for your copies.

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