The Discipline Problem 2

What is discipline? Discipline has become a very misunderstood word. To many, it means controlling the child, punishing the child, and implanting fear in the mind of the child. For others, discipline connotes allowing children to do as they please because controlling them is bad. These are extreme views as discussed previously and very damaging … More The Discipline Problem 2


I found a letter

“Excuse me Ma, I found this letter in the middle of one of our children’s notebook.” said the Primary 2 teacher to her School Administrator, Mrs Gbadebo. She handed it over and Mrs Gbadebo read it in dismay: Dear Bolanle, U are the love of my live.The rose in my betiful garden. Oh how I … More I found a letter

What a child needs

One of the main problems we have as parents is not truly understanding the needs of our children. It is not uncommon for a parent to think that meeting their child’s basic needs only includes food, shelter and paying school fees. The more affluent ones will add a whole range of material goods to the … More What a child needs