Nigeria can and must change

On Saturday 4th December there was an important Zoom meeting where all stakeholders in our Education sector gathered to find answers to the problems that has led to the tragic loss of Sylvester Oromoni Jnr.

One thing is clear, the care of the child needs to be foremost for all concerned.

Unfortunately this is not the case in our schools, and neither dare I say, is it the concern of adults in general.

I find it difficult sometimes to articulate the deep rooted convictions I have about respecting the child.

The child is not my (our) master, but will become the master of tomorrow.

If we do not respect our children today how can they grow up to truly respect their elders or children tomorrow?

There is a need to truly understand: how we can protect the child; safeguarding , why we behave the way we do; psychology, what drives child behaviour and thinking; child psychology, and finally how to own and control our emotions; emotional intelligence.

We truly have a lot of learning to do going forward.

Our children are a reflection of us!

The cults, drugs and cheating that go on in our institutions are a reflection of the society at large.

Yes, I know that you are not partaking in any of this, and you are doing everything humanly possible to ensure that your children do not follow the wrong crowd.

But the question for some of us should be: ‘how are we doing this?’

If we are disciplining out of fear with fear, then we are part of the society at large failing the child!

We need to clean up as adults, parents, teachers, government… then we can help our children.

The problem is we refuse to remove our plank but with the child we are ready to deal with every tiny speck in their eyes with a heavy hand!

Sylvester said: ‘No!’

He understood well and it is credit to his parents and certainly not the institution he attended.

We failed him. He was well taught, yet the system and society at large was at fault.

Please my people let us think, reflect deeply, Nigeria is really on it’s knees, bent over backwards, and in dire need of help!

When we condone bad behaviour, we become part of the problem!

Do you allow the rich to have their way for favour?

Do you collect a brown envelope instead of doing your job?

The exam malpractices are not just the students fault, as adults we play our part in this arena!


We are failing too many children, aren’t we?

It is time for deep reflection and deep changes from each one of us.

A change can ensue from this tragic occurrence.

It will start with taking action and arming ourselves with knowledge, or more knowledge.

The children at Dowen need urgent help: Have they gotten any?

Please if the authorities are paying attention this is what needs to happen NOW for those children.

Parents of the children in Dowen College please do your best and get help for your children.

They must be traumatized!

May we all learn.

May we all change.

Nigeria can and must change.


2 thoughts on “Nigeria can and must change

  1. May we all heal from a situation or doctrine where children have no voice and when they dare talk, they are hushed or beaten to silence.
    Justice for Sylvester will be justice for many,and saving many more.


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