A Short Letter For My Teacher

By Ayobami Ayomidele -Primary Three

Dear Mrs Adefemiwa,a-letter-from-ayobami

Good morning Ma. How are you today? I hope you are well. I am sorry Ma, but I want to tell you something.

I have been very sad coming to school. I like you, but I think you do not like me. I do not know why. It makes me sad. You shout at me, and you knock my head, when I make mistakes. I am young, I am learning, I am trying, I will get it. I know Bimbo and Laide are fast. They understand quickly. I am slow, but I will understand.

Ma, I just need some more time than Bimbo and Laide, but I will get it. My hand was paining me when I got home yesterday. You used the cane to hit my hand hard, because I was not writing fast enough. I know that I was the only one left, but I was just trying to write the notes you gave us neatly. I did not want to make any mistakes. You did not even look at the neat hand writing. You were just angry because I was taking too long. I was so proud of my work, but I was not proud of it after you hit me for being slow.

Please Mrs Adefemiwa, don’t be angry with me. I just wanted you to know how I was feeling. I don’t want to be sad. If I am sad I will not be able to listen and learn what you are teaching us.

I want to learn.

Please forgive me for being slow. I will try to write faster next time. I pray I will do better today.

Thank you Ma

Ayobami Ayomidele

Primary Three

Dear Parents and Teachers please, we need to consider how we treat our children. They are human-beings like we are, and have feelings. So before we lash out at them let us consider why they are doing things the way they are.

Also remember, all fingers on a hand are not equal. Each child is unique, just as we are unique from any other person. Each person requires their own time and space to acquire knowledge.

We need to stop comparing these children. It’s really not the best to beat, hit and or shout at them, when all they are doing is trying their best.

Tears filled my eyes when I read this. We need to care more for the children in our care.


9 thoughts on “A Short Letter For My Teacher

  1. Hmm. Most teachers and parents are guilty of this. I think owners of schools should also help the children by orientating their educators and parents on the childs differences and the need for
    not comparing them with other child(ren )


  2. Just read the letter of the growing boy. As a teacher, bear in mind that no two individuals are the same not even identical twins. A teacher should know that there are about two group psychology of learner’s in the class , the fast learner’s , then the slow learner’s who take a longer time repeating a task over and over again before getting it right and sometimes they are more organised in carrying out their task. They will always put in their best to see the work is perfectly finished. Take a look at his letter again, were he said he was taking his time to bring out his writing skills. A teacher should also have this principle, what ever you find someone doing he has a reason for doing it, apply this to the class settings and ask the learner’s simple questions eg. Why are you taking soo much time on one exercise? Reward his reasons, and then advise. You also most be patient with the learner and learn to respect his interests.
    Parents may find this difficult but not trained teachers.


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