Back To School

Back to School

School is about to start and a new session for the children and schools is taking place. Parents are preparing so are the schools and the children. This weekend lots of finishing touches are being put into place if the recession has permitted….

Here are a few salient points to help you as you return to school either as a Parent of a child in school, a teacher or a school owner..’
1. Parents please think about what is the most important and best for your children:
Insisting that a School should use books a class ahead of the child’s age or class is really unnecessary and very counter productive. This is a trend that needs to be kniped in the bud.

Mum, please also remember that children love Indomie when it is hot and not cold. It also gets a bit too much and uninteresting if it is the only food in the food flask everyday. Do try and alternate so that the children eat well and learn. It’s a real struggle to get them to eat Indomie everyday. If it is your House helpers who pack and prepare the lunch pack, please talk to them about this.

Also please if you have older children, try and figure out what they are interested in, what subjects they are passionate about. Do not force your ideas and ideal professions on them. You did not like this when and if this was done to you. Do not do the same to them, as it really would just be a waste of money. After training to be the Doctor, Lawyer or Engineer you insisted upon your child will turn around to learn Photography or Child Nutrition and follow their dream.
2. School Fees: As adults we need to be responsible and take the bull by the horn: spend your money wisely and plan so that you do not get unnecessarily entangled with School fees problems this term. Outings to Shoprite, with ice cream buckets to boot may not be a great idea if you know that that will eat into your budget…. Let’s be wise.

It is true that there is a recession but if we plan properly we will work it out. Please if you are still owing last term/session do plan to pay the school you owe. They need to pay the teachers salary, and maintain the school. If you are owing them this will affect the school in numerous ways.
3. Teachers: I am aware that this holiday was not really a holiday for most of you. The time flew by and you really did not get to rest and rewind properly. I wish you were really refreshed. But God is your strength. He will enable you to deliver beyond your expectations. Give your heart to the children you teach and God will enable you richly this term.

Remember that just as you learn better with a certain style so do children. Aim to help your pupils understand and not memorize with out understanding.

Let the your children learn through experiencing the concepts you want them to learn and give them time to absorb the information. Repetition is key here.

For the older children let them work in teams learning and searching for answers together. Writing out long notes for them after teaching for 40 mins is not very helpful they need to search as well and learn through exploration. Give them keywords instead and let them write out their notes themselves. Writing skills can only develop and improve from actually writing and not copying notes.
4. School Owners and Administrators: Please lets all do the needful and ensure that our schools are safe and ready for the job at hand. Even if there is no money to repaint, let us maintain, ensure that all staff are on board, the curriculum and dairies sorted, school policy updated, safety policy implemented ( very important considering the state of the nation.) Let us work together to help our children reach their fullest potential. Have a wonderful school opening for 2017/2018 Session.


3 thoughts on “Back To School

  1. Thank you so much ma for this reminder. I pray that God will engrace us with is wisdon and strength. This new session. Happy resumsion.


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