The Mathematical Mind of a Child

Mathematical Mind of a child

There are so many reasons why Montessori stands out as the best way to reach the child, one of the reasons is Dr. Maria Montessori’s concept of the Mathematical Mind of a child.

One of my friends said to me just over a month ago, ‘A lot of us do not realize that Maths is all about patterns and patterns are every where in life’ – Rhoda Odigboh of The Learning Craft. I thought to myself, that is another Montessori concept out there…. Our progressive Educators are brilliant, each concept they hold on to I have found have strong Montessori roots, that is why we sometimes come across too strongly for some. I guess we feel that Dr. Maria Montessori the founder of the Montessori education method is not usually given credit for her contributions to modern Early Childhood Education as she really should have.

One of her contributions that is yet to be understood fully, especially in our climes, is the fact that she attributed the child as having a mathematical mind. Children are drawn to quantities first rather than the number symbols. This is one of the problem areas for us, as we usually try to introduce the number symbols first. The order and precision of the Sensorial materials in the Montessori 3 -6 classroom (nursery classes) prepares the child for Mathematical concepts in such a beautiful way.

Also the use of these materials, entails the child working and learning primarily in a concrete way, and then using their hands: these are two child development factors that are also ignored in our world. Children learn through there senses, so when we provide materials that they can use their senses to learn from, and put these into their hands, viola learning is taking place, knowledge is being gained and intelligence is building up.

The Montessori Mathematics Materials are beautiful and precise and orderly. Children use their innate ability to decipher mathematical concepts in the Montessori environment and they never fail to amaze the world.

Look at what Montessori has produced so far: Google, Amazon, Beyonce, P. Diddy. and there are lots more besides. These famous people have changed our world in the arts and on the internet. They learned at a young age to follow their interests. Order and precision were, and are important to these men and women. Their influence and respect in their various endeavors can be traced back to their attention to detail birthed and developed in the Montessori classroom.

Helping our children find their way without crushing their love for Maths is what Montessori Maths is all about, and I have something very special to offer you:

An Introduction to Montessori Mathematics

A 3 Week Online Course

You will get the step by step process to help your child learn and love learning simple mathematical concepts.

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